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As I sit and write this, I find myself sick at home. This will be a short one. However, being sick is not what I’m going to talk about in this week’s post because that’s boring. You all most likely understand what it’s like to be sick, so I won’t bore you any further.

What I want to talk about is rain. I have a love/hate relationship with it as I’m sure everyone does. Rain can be so dreary. It seems to slow life down as it’s glistening drops fall to the ground. Around certain months, rain can do worse things when given the proper conditions – when turned into horrible, raging storms.

Last week was the anniversary of when Hurricane Irma became real for those of us in Florida. It was a devastating hurricane. It literally made me sick, as I sat in my house without power. After the rain cleared, it was discovered that the hurricane had damaged my house- as many others discovered as well. Even now, several houses have yet to have their roofs repaired. If you live in Florida or on the east coast, you would probably understand why that’s a concern. Currently, there is a tropical storm, tropical cyclone, and one hurricane in the Atlantic Ocean. The more storms that form, the more danger there is of Florida and/or the east coast being pummeled by another hurricane. Thankfully, the only thing that my side of Florida has received is some rain, rain, and more rain. 🙁 However, it’s been nothing compared to Irma. Thank goodness!

With that being said, hurricanes probably are the reason to why I have a love/hate relationship with rain. However, as I look at rain and all the bad things it can do, I see the good in it. Rain can cool things down, making the humidity a little nicer. It can create a fun pastime. (Think about when you were little and would dance in the rain.) When the drops stop falling and the sky clears, life seems to burst forth anew. The grass looks greener and the air seems to smell a bit cleaner. Despite the times that I feel like saying, “Rain, rain, go away,” I realize that without rain, life would be very different. It would be dry, barren, and lifeless. We would most likely be heading towards living in a literal desert. And so, when I go outside and look up at the sky and see the dark, cumulonimbus clouds coming my way, I welcome it. Maybe not always with a joyful heart, but with a thankful one – up until the lightning appears. When it gets to that point, we have a different problem. However, that’s a whole other story and reasoning for another day.

I hope you guys have a good rest of your week. Now, I’m off to rest and recover, but I can’t wait to write to you guys again soon. Bye!

-S. E. Bussard