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Around a year ago, I took a trip to one of my most favorite places to learn about, hear about, and see – London, England. It was a week long trip that was absolutely amazing! As you may know, I love anything and everything British. And so, to have the opportunity to actually go there was the best thing ever.

As always, the flight was long and semi-bearable. However, once I stepped off that plane and breathed in the English air (Yes, I know it’s still oxygen, but it was just different.), it was all worth it. It was a bit chilly, but coming from a place that is in a perpetual state of summer, it was so refreshing and a great change of pace. There was never a boring moment riding from London-Heathrow Airport into the city. I was so fascinated by the architecture of the homes/buildings.

Stemming off of that, the architecture of London itself is absolutely beautiful. In England, everything is built and structured differently from the United States, and you find yourself lost in the details. It’s the best feeling. The history behind every building is so vast and interesting. Walking down the streets was a treat. Sadly, Big Ben was covered up due to referbishments, but I got see the countless, famous, Red Telephone Booths, Saint Paul’s Cathedral, and so many other beautiful places.



On top of that – if just going to England wasn’t enough – I also got the chance to see Phantom of the Opera live at Her Majesty’s Theater! The show was fantastic. The singing and acting was flawless. I will be honest and say that I cried, but when you see that show live and in person, the emotions flooding from that stage effect you like nothing else.

The food in London, was absolutely amazing. For someone with a really bad gluten allergy, I was pleasently surprised to see how catering the different places were to those with my allergy. One of my favorite places that I ate at was a little Italian restaurant called Cotto. Almost everything on their menu was able to be gluten free, but I…of course…had to have their pizza. (It was amazing by the way!) There was also this little ice cream shop that we found in a back alley at Piccadilly Circus called Gelupo that served unique flavours, and it was delicious. I would definitely recommend checking it out if you find yourself in that area.

Of course, I can’t end this post without mentioning that I just couldn’t leave London with visiting Baker Street. It was so cool to step off the tube and into the Baker Street station, and then onto Baker Street itself. I did try to also visit “Baker Street” from one of my favorite shows called  ‘Sherlock’, but I ran out of time. (Maybe next time.)

It was sad to have to leave England, because for some reason I had to go home and do something called ‘life.’ I dont know what that’s about. ? In all seriousness though, I miss England and if I ever get the chance, I would definitely go back again.


-S. E. Bussard