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S. E. Bussard

S. E. Bussard

Fiction Author, Photographer, and Graphic Artist

S. E. Bussard is a lover of anything to do with art and writing. From a very young age, she showed a talent and love for drawing. Later on as she began to develop her skills in writing and photography, S. E. Bussard began to take an interest in writing stories and creating beautiful, mesmerizing photos. It would probably be no surprise to hear that she is now a fiction author, photographer, and graphic artist.

Living in Florida, S. E. Bussard loves to sit outside and watch the native animals wander around her home, walk along the beach, witness the beautiful sunsets (photographing them of course), and draw her inspiration from the world around her.

You can find S. E. Bussard on Facebook , Instagram, and Pinterest.